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“Our  Services Help Control Workers Compensation Cost"


·  Preventative Medicine

· Early Injury Treatment

· Medical Management

· Drug and Alcohol Testing


Preventative Medicine: Hire Healthy Employees  

· Comprehensive Preventative Medical Services: Avoid Costly Accidents

· Certified Medical Examiner; Ensures Federal Regulations Compliance

· D.O.T. Commercial Driver Physicals

· U.SC.G. Maritime Physical Examinations and Drug Screens

· Pre-placement Physicals

· OSHA Mandated Examinations

· Hazardous Materials Medical Surveillance

· Executive Physicals

· Fitness for Duty Examinations

· Pulmonary Function - PFT Exams

· Hearing Screens

· Flu shots and Other vaccinations  

Drug and Alcohol Testing

 · Work-site and office collection protocol

· DOT Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)

· Post Accident Screening

· N.I.D.A. Drug Screens

· Random drug pool management

· Secure chain of custody management for all specimens

· All necessary forms, containers, seals and documentation

· Specimen transportation

· Professionally trained collectors

· Results: 24 hours negative. Presumptive positives: Available 48-72 hours

· RIA and EMIT screening and GC/MS confirmation

· Onsite Supervisory Training/ In-services/ Employee Assistance Programs

· Positive specimens stored for one year at no additional cost

· All confirmed positive test results undergo an independent review process for quality assurance

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