Early Injury Treatment & Intervention

Risk Mitigation Strategy

  •  Immediate Injury Treatment
  •  Rapid Injury Care Reporting
  •  Detailed Documentation Provided To Company
  •  Physician Available To Clarify The Treatment Provided and Diagnosis
  •  Return to Work Examinations Clarify Any Limitations
  •  Early Return to Work/ Light Duty Program Development
  •  Independent Medical Examinations (IME)


Medical Management : ACOEM Best Practices

  •  Medical Cost Containment Management
  •  HR Metric Tracking
  •  Work-Site Job Analysis: Ergonomic Walk Through
  •  Partner with Safety and Environmental Engineers
  •  Early Return to Work Program & Examinations
  •  Medical Case Management Avoid Workforce Shrinkage
  •  Fit for Duty Examinations : Accurate ADA Accommodations
  •    FMLA Second Opinion: Reduce False Intermittent Requests

        “Our Services Help Control Workers Compensation Cost"

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  •  Preventative Medicine
  •  Early Injury Treatment
  •  Medical Management
  •  Drug and Alcohol Testing



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